The Teacher Girls are brand new high school teachers, sharing our experiences from the classroom and from our Teacher Girl lives in general.  We are School Nerds and History Geeks.

And to be honest, we were kind of bummed to find a severe lack of High School/Secondary blogs and websites out there, let alone any that focused on Social Studies.  When I first started out, I immediately turned to the Internets for inspiration and guidance, and could barely find anything about how to decorate a high school classroom, or how to manage high school students.  Most education blogs and websites run by teachers focus almost exclusively on elementary.


So, as I went through my first year as a history teacher, with very little help from any outside sources, I decided that I would eventually start writing a blog about my experiences, in the hopes of helping and inspiring other new high school and history teachers.

I hope you enjoy your stay with the Teacher Girls, and I hope you return for new ideas and updates.  So sit back, pour a cup of coffee, and get inspired to go out there and be an amazing teacher!  🙂

~ Miss Cordy


Meet the Teacher Girls:

Miss Cordy


  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Social Science Education; BA in Political Science
  • Senior Internship: 8th Grade U.S. History
  • First Teaching Job: 10th Grade World History
  • Teacher Girl Quirk: Obsessed with Pink Office Supplies

Miss Sammie


  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Social Science Education; BA in Political Science
  • Senior Internship: 11th Grade AP U.S. History
  • First Teaching Job: Critical Thinking and Study Skills (High School) / 10th Grade World History Honors
  • Teacher Girl Quirk: Lives by Color-Coded To-Do Lists


Meet the Guest Teacher Girls (and Boys):